"Discover How To Unlock the Marketing Secrets That You Need Now To Stay Ahead Of The Pack; That No One Is Willing To Share- Except Me!"


From: Andre Niemand, MD MarketingWizard Ltd.

It comes as no surprise... " why these strategies are kept secret by the best marketers"... they don't want serious competition! But...

At Last... The Blueprint To Dental Marketing by a fellow Dentist ... and keen follower of the most successful Internet Marketers. By copying these tested ideas ...you will save time and money and ... empower yourself with the world of brilliant marketing!

As we know," Dentistry in the UK,"is changing rapidly. Since the change of the NHS contract in April 2006, more than 2000 practices went private. Principals of existing private practices may grin from ear to ear now as they may think that these changes will not have any effect on them. How wrong! If you are complacenand think that everything will be OK, your competitors will take over. If you think marketing is just another term for advertising, think again!

All I am trying to do is make the point that untill you grasp the fact that you are not in the Dental Services... but rather in the:

Marketing of Dental Services!

Many dentists found the contract financially detrimental and with the initial end of the three-year guaranteed period rapidly approaching in 2009 and now extended to 2011, many are now considering moving private, and in the hope of securing their future and  income stream, their only marketing pillar will be a low fee entrance. Thus undervaluing their services and leading to fierce competition

You will be shown what is working in the real world now. It may be "shocking" and controversial, but the format is creating immense wealth for businesses that have gone this new way of thinking. 

The bottom line is, no matter what business anyone is in, they are not really in that business! They are always in the marketing of that business!  And you are no different. You are in the marketing of your Practice!

To stay ahead of the pack, you need to differentiate your practice from other practices and to achieve this you need to have an excellent marketing strategy in place to identify threats and opportunities.

"Release the Goldmine in Your Dental Practice" will :

  • reveal the latest high-tech strategies to distinguish yourself from other practices, but will
  • also have a checklist and detailed outline of the essential basics that need to be in place. The marketing strategies will
  • be shown step by step.
  • get you the guide to attract high value and highly motivated patients, that
  • have already decided to spend the money on your services.
  • identify sources of money, that fill your bank account while you are asleep or on holiday.
  • reveal strategies where windfalls of thousands of pounds  can be generated a few times a year for a few minutes of work, and much more.
  • readily made available on the inside set up sources or outsource your high-tech marketing.

The main secret is to get in now before the other practices catch on to it!

And a word of caution; don't leave things until the last moment, there will be one almighty rush as April 2011 approach and you need to plan for your future now!

  • The absolute latest update on Dental marketing - With the arrival of the Internet, marketing structures and technology have advanced at an alarming rate. These newly released strategies funnel patients into your practice for high cost treatments.This will put you way ahead of your competitors! You will get an updated version as new techniques are released. Dental-marketing -wizard can provide the specialized services that are outlined.
  • Reinforcing the Basics that are needed to achieve huge success in your practice - You can only step up to this level of excellence and moneymaking once you have all the basic or traditional marketing strategies in place. You will have a template of the essentials.
  • Checklist to confirm that you have all the basic dental marketing strategies in place. - My checklist may surprise you with what is actually covered under basic, but every step needs doing every single month to secure a better income and luxury lifestyle we all earn!
  • "Release your Goldmine in Your Dental Practice"will reveal exactly what you need to know about the high-tech strategies. - A framework will show you exactly 'how' and 'where' all the strategies fit in.
  • My Book will direct you to the sources to acquire the marketing tools. - You will find videos and audio to direct you. Know that I don't want the whole world to know these secrets, for the simple reason that it will become less and less effective.Because I want to make sure that you're as serious about your success as I am serious about helping you succeed.
  • You will get the guidance to attracting more high paying customers, that are already motivated! - With broadband taking off in the UK and worldwide, you can now target your market geographical and local. Boring ads don't have any effect anymore as people are drowned in them. Using the techniques in this book, you will be accumulating patients that have already done their homework. It is well known that persons that do their research on the Internet for products or services, exactly know what they are looking for and earn well above average. You only need to provide the services as guaranteed to cash in.

  • "Release the Goldmine in Your Dental Practice" will release "sneaky" or revolutionary martketing strategies that set you apart from other practices. - You will learn about 'framing' and other techniques that are highly effective. I’ll show you in very specific detail, how to set up these alliances.
  • You will unlock the secrets to passive income. - You will be taken to different market places to register and shown how to make amazing profits. Once set up, you need nothing more to do, but follow instructions in the book for the secrets of "Jointventuring".
  • Monetising your hobbies, work and work related services, all on autopilot. - Putting a huge part of your hidden business on your own automatic ATM's will be released on video and book format.

Look at ALL the benefits you will gain from purchasing

'Release the Goldmine in Your Dental Practice' :

  • a blueprint to help you succeed in the biggest investment of your life - Your very own dental practice...
  • Learn How to Grow, Manage, and Multiply Your Practice Profits with more motivated Patients.
  • Keeping up to date with the latest news and trends is something every successful business does.
  • You will be at the forefront of new technology with the latest software.
  • These Are The Very Latest DENTAL Marketing Materials,
  • That will  increase your productivity and sales.
  • You will create a personal connection with your customers that that appeals to all their senses, as a result converting more visitors to customers.
  • I'm sure that you'll agree these are all powerful things to have pushing your business to new levels of profit.
  • Being business minded you will be in tune with how to make progress.
  • These strategies available inside the book reveal how to get in on the increase of the national demand for dentistry and will increase your profits and patients. 
  • Get your name out there!
  • The powerful strategies will differentiate your practice from others and keep them mystified.

'Release the Goldmine in Your Dental Practice' will

  •  Reveal advanced marketing techniques for better response rates as traditional marketing tools such as mailing lists and the occasional phone call no longer get the job done.
  • Show how to attract new patients by explaining how your dental practice fits their unique dental needs.
  • Grow your practice in an efficient and cost-effective manner
  • Produce lively, informative ways to produce content that speaks directly to your target market and can compete for position with all the important search engines and directories.
  • Identify a fast-loading, visually appealing site that projects the right image of your practice.
  • Advise you on developing a custom Web site and add-ons that acts as a magnet for potential new patients.
  • Will show ways to instill trust into your website visitors as they need to trust your website before making the decision to trust the  dentist and dental treatment.
  • Reveal the first point of contact for most new patients
  • Create a positive return on your Internet investment
  • Place your practice on the cutting edge of internet marketing and start winning new patients right now!
  • Get your practice standing out in the crowd as the vital first step
  • Will reveal the ways of marketing your practice website efficiently to provide you with the greatest patient growth.
  • Reveals 'the more points of entry strategy’ that drastically increases the patient flow to your website.  Thousands of successful Internet marketing dentists tell us that the multiple ‘point of entry’ concept is the key to their ‘internet marketing success’.
  • Will reveal the secrets on creating a unique identity on the web because visitors are more than likely to compare multiple websites.
  • Show you how to use videos for your online marketing endeavors and creative expression as videos, by themselves, have the power to draw an audience. 
  • Will reveal  a sense or professionalism  quite difficult to match.

When you order 'Release the Goldmine in Your Dental Practice ' now, you will be receiving:  130+Pages immediately Downloadable 

  • Information on the Newest Dental Marketing trend
  • Guidance to implement the strategies to rocket your profits
  • Secrets to attracting high paying patients
  • Marketing tricks to get patients already feeling like they know you 
  • Video and audio tutorials
  • A Checklist to assure basic dental marketing principles are in place
  • Support to put the latest technology in place
  • Routes to huge paydays.
  • Routes to passive income and wealth building

ALL THE BONUSES  to make marketing fun!

100%, no questions asked, money-back guarantee

I am convinced that the information in the immediately Downloadable130+Pages of  Release the Goldmine in your Dental Practice', with the service and marketing tips for the future are good and worth every penny, but if by some chance if you still want a refund for some reason, it's available.

If you order by midnight tonight, I will include £139 of free bonus gifts.

Originally 'Release the Goldmine in Your Dental Practice' was going for £147 , but after market research results came in I found out that business owners wanted this product for £97, and at this price it's definitely a steal, especially considering everything you receive if you order today by midnight!

Free Bonus Gift #1   (How To UP YOUR PROFITS  In A DOWN Economy)- Downloadable Report and Tips

Free Bonus Gift #2   (3-Minute Headline Creator Software.) Type A Few Words, Push A Button And Instantly Get Headlines That Sell Like Crazy!

Free Bonus Gift #3  (How to Publish Your Electronic Newsletter online at Low Cost forMaximum Profits!).  

A Crash Course Guide To E-zine Publishing and Another Step To Passive Residual Income.

Free Bonus Gift #4   ( 200 Words and Phrases  That Land Profitable JV Deals!)
Grab your prospect's attention, influence them to accept your Joint Venture offer and persuade them to promote your product or services.

Free Bonus Gift #5   (The Golden Rules Acquiring Wealth). To get rich, is not always equivalent to being successful!

Free Bonus Gift #6    (Confident Public Speaking Unlocked)

There are times when each of us is called upon to address a group of people. There is no reason why we cannot  aproach this challenge with relative ease and self-confidence!

Free Bonus Gift #7  (Unlimited Prospects Instantly)

How To Magnetically Attract a Flood of Fresh, Qualified & Highly-Interested Prospects Any Time You Want. Downloadable report and Tips Value)

You have heard all the information about attracting more patients, getting yourself a deserved luxury lifestyle, so all you have to do is sit down, take out your credit card, click the order button now and order 'Release the Goldmine in Your Dental Practice' with bonus gifts  today. It'll be the best investment that you'll ever make for starting your marketing career as dentist.


You will get immediate access to products after payment.  A charge of £3.50 will be added for postage as the products will also  be delivered on cd/dvd format to your postal address within 4-7 working days.

Best of Success, 

Andre Niemand, MD MarketingWizard Ltd.                                                      


By acting right now, you get substantial savings, a wealth of bonuses and all with a full money back guarantee.

Getting patients is the name of the game and marketing is the mechanism that gets patients! Using the brand new strategies will allow you to leap ahead of your competitors and rake in many more high-paying clients. 

The reason why you NEED to take action today is simply this...
Without this valuable knowledge, you're truly "missing out" on making your dental practice more profitable, less stressing, and more efficient.  Your appointment book is still going to have holes and you can't complain about anything because you didn't take the initiative.

Not only must you be the best marketer, but you must be the best Dentist as well. People deserve the best.


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